Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweaty, delirious, and sublime

If you missed Dance Round Robin last weekend, I feel sorry for you. It was an exhilarating, innovative, and occasionally naked evening of modern dance, from the Fly-Girls-on-crack awesomeness of the Effervescent Collective to the death-defying head spins of the International Flow Syndicate.

I didn't do a head count, but it seemed like well over 200 people crammed themselves into the Lumberhaus for the show and the pre-show reception, which featured young men in startlingly form-fitting unitards serving up box wine and Boh. The crowd was composed mainly of twentysomethings, but there was a fair representation of thirty- and fortysomethings in the mix.

The performances themselves took place consecutively and in the round, hence the "round robin" part of the title. After one performer or group finished, stage lights would illuminate a different corner of the room and the audience was gently herded away from the stage of the moment. The crowd coordination and handoffs between performers were exceptionally well organized, especially given the overall DIY vibe.

Immediately after the final dance performance, Unsung Baltimorean emerita Lily Susskind stepped into the makeshift DJ booth and the fourth wall cheerfully collapsed as dancers formed a conga line and got the former audience members dancing themselves. I left around 1:00 a.m. and the dance party was still going strong.

For anyone who's too bummed about missing a fun, sweaty, stanky evening of avant-garde dance, fret not: you can check out my photos of the event here; and Effervescent Collective is having another show at Lumberhaus this weekend.

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