Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Attention, art flakes! Only 39 days left to nominate yourselves for big cash prizes!

Hey, remember dance ninja and featured Unsung Baltimorean Lily Susskind? Well, she's one of over 350 local artists vying for the coveted Baker Artist Awards.

Truly one of the coolest things about being in Baltimore, the Baker Awards provides local artists in all media with opportunities to win fame and (modest) fortune. Awards include the Mary Sawyers Baker Prize, which is given out in a juried selection process; the People's Choice Award, where visitors to the Baker site get to vote for their favorite artists; and the "b" prizes, which are smaller awards given out by the Baker Foundation board to a handful of artists and arts organizations.

Artists can submit images and video of their work for the next 39 days, at which point the nominations close and the voting begins. This gives you art lovers out there plenty of time to browse through some of the amazing work that local artists are putting out, pick your favorites, and set up your profile so you can vote.

There's even an awesome iPhone app to make the process even funner and easierer! So get yourself over to the Baker site and prepare to have your mind shredded and your face melted by fantasticness.

Oh, and be sure to check out Lily's video submissions, like this one:

Pluto Dances from effervescent collective on Vimeo.

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